The hotel de la gare in Nantes -

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A large police deployment took place on Thursday near the Nantes SNCF station.

Shortly before noon, a detonation was indeed reported by the manager of the hotel de la Gare, an establishment located on Allée Charcot.

A police crew was immediately dispatched to the scene and heard a second gunshot when they arrived at the scene ...

A security perimeter was put in place and the hotel was evacuated.

The tram was cut off during the intervention, for which the police had to equip themselves "heavily", in particular using ballistic shields, reports a police source.

They spotted and then took over a hotel room in which there was an armed man.

"It was in fact an alarm pistol", a dummy weapon that makes noise but does not fire bullets, police said.

The 37-year-old man had an alcohol level of 1.45 g in his blood.

He was arrested and taken into custody.

His motivations are not yet known.


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