Columbus' Finnish boss Jarmo Kekäläinen made the game move in the hockey league NHL by acquiring striker Max Domin from Montreal just before the booking ceremony held this week.

The 25-year-old central striker signed a two-year deal worth $ 10.6 million with Columbus Blue Jackets.

The second-generation striker scored 44 power points (17 goals and 27 assists) in 71 regular season games he played in Montreal last season.

- We are very pleased that we reached an agreement on Max so quickly.

We are now focusing on the new season and winning games, Kekäläinen said on

- We expect Max to fit our team very well.

He’s the type of player who sits in the way the Blue Jackets play.

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According to Kekäläinen, Domista is planning a central striker for the team.

He did not specify how big a role for Dom, who is considered a good skater and puck handler, is promised in Columbus.

- He fills a hole that we have been planning to block for a long time, Kekäläinen comments.

- He is competitive, alert, plays with emotion, understands the game and is fast, Kekäläinen praised on the NHL website.

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Max Dom’s father is the legendary NHL player Tie Domi, known in his career as a tough fighter.

The role included protecting Teemu Selänte at the Winnipeg Jets.

For the most significant part of his career, Tie Domi played in Toronto.

In exchange for Max Dom, Montreal left 26-year-old Canadian striker Josh Anderson and a third-round booking turn at this year’s booking ceremony.

Andersson played 21 regular season matches with a modest 1 + 3 last season.