Växjö DFF has had a difficult time financially during the year.

Ahead of today's press conference, they had hoped for a positive message, but club manager Hans Ohlsson was still prepared for the worst.

- Not at all unexpected actually, you have felt it when you have seen the reporting in recent weeks, he says to SVT after the news.

The association had everything ready to be able to take in 500 people in the last two matches of the season from October 15, a level that basically corresponds to the club's audience average during a normal season.

There were plans for slightly higher ticket prices, and closed kiosks to avoid congestion.

Disappears SEK 120,000

When it does not happen, a lot of money disappears that could have helped the club financially.

- It would have meant 120,000 kronor for us for the last two matches, that money is now slipping between the fingers, says Hans Ohlsson.