Frenchman Arsene Wenger is remembered above all as Arsenal’s legendary coach.

After being sidelined by the Gunners Manager’s wash, he took a moment to take his breath, but then joined the International Football Association (Fifa).

The development director is 70 years old, but the ideas are fresh.

A couple of days ago, Wenger presented his ideas in L’Équipe.

The Frenchman has been considering changes to the rules to make the game more fluid and audience-friendly.

The English-language media has quoted Wenger’s comments and listed key suggestions.

Rafael's reform project concerns side-throw throwing.

Wenger believes the current situation is not fair.

He gives a practical example.

- With five minutes left in the game, your team's side throw should be an advantage, but then your team only has nine field players on the field against ten opponents, Wenger calculates.

He has gone through the relevant statistics.

- According to statistics, in eight out of ten cases, in such a side-throw situation, your team loses the ball.

On your own half, you should have the option of a sideline kick instead of a throw, Wenger argues.

The second amendment relates to a corner kick.

Wenger would loosen the current interpretation of basketball in a familiar direction.

- When the ball rotates in a corner kick over the end limit, but returns to the field, it could be in accordance with the rules, because then we would see more goal situations, Wenger explains.

Perhaps the most surprising proposal concerns free kicks.

- The player could give himself a free kick to get the game started faster, Wenger said in an interview with L'Équipe.

Football rules are decided by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) under FIFA.