Estonian entertainment hero Anu Saagim, 58, reminisces about the past and posted a nostalgic picture on Facebook almost ten years ago.

In the picture, the curly-haired Saagim poses on the cover of Playboy magazine as a cover for his breasts with only small pieces of tape.

- 2010, Saagim has written a picture to accompany it.

The magazine was published in December 2010.

Saagim has never just been undressed in front of the camera.

Until a year ago, she gave her face to a Baltic-wide lingerie campaign.

In an interview with Ilta-Sanomat at the time, Saagim was excited to joke about how easily he would eventually throw clothes in the corner.

- Whenever I go to one of the descriptions, the stylist comes with very revealing underwear.

I always say no help, I don’t take my clothes off anymore.

Still, those underwear are included “just for sure”.

Then the stylists praise my body and drink champagne and Oops, while flying the clothes off, Saagim said, laughing in an IS interview in the fall of 2019.

-If I feel that I look good and everything is fine, then why not, Anu Saagim commented on lingerie descriptions for IS a year ago.Photo: Dmitry Knut

According to Saagim, it is precisely because of the Playboy images that he is being offered low-cost descriptions of that.

Often, the filming situation results in him agreeing to reduce clothing.

- I guess this is some kind of narcissism.

It wants to see that, wow I am still beautiful and prop up the self-esteem, Saagim to consider.

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Anu Saagim is known as a model, editor-in-chief and clothing designer in both Estonia and Finland.

She was married to designer Ristomatti Ratia for 22 years until the couple’s union ended in 2016. Saagim has said she is on good terms with her ex-husband and meets this regularly.

They now have an adult Robin son together.