Including stiffness, deep headache and skin abrasion

"SEHA" warns of 12 signs of "breast cancer"

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) warned women of 12 signs of breast cancer, including stiffness, deep headache, skin erosion, and redness or burning.

And women demanded, if any of the symptoms are suspected, to contact their health centers, while hospitals and health centers in the emirate are organizing awareness campaigns that include free examinations for women throughout the month to rule out cancer.

And medical professionals have identified five controllable risk factors to prevent the disease.

In detail, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) confirmed that regular examination and early detection are the best protection against breast cancer, as part of the annual global campaign that takes place in October to increase women's awareness of the disease, and called on women to contact clinics and health centers, to schedule an examination or Learn more methods of prevention.

"SEHA" identified 12 signs that predict breast cancer, including stiffness, deep headaches, skin erosion, redness or burning, an unknown fluid flow, holes, a lump and swelling, an enlarged vein, a compressed nipple, changes in size and shape, and skin like orange peel, in addition to To internal swelling.

Doctors specializing in surgery and gynecology: Dr. Muhammad Ismail, Dr. Safa Samir, and Dr. Heba Ahmed warned of the low level of awareness of the risks of breast cancer among individuals, and the lack of sufficient interest in conducting early detection tests for this disease that can be prevented and cured if it is discovered in Its early stages, noting that breast cancer occurs when cells begin to grow abnormally, divide more quickly than healthy cells and accumulate in a mass, and the cells may then spread through the breast to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

The gynecologist, Dr. Mai Mohamed, called on girls and women to ensure that they perform self-examination of the breasts once a month, and to see a medical care professional once a year for a breast examination, in addition to conducting a regular mammogram, starting from the age of forty.

She pointed out that the rate of cure from breast cancer reaches 95% if it is detected early, especially since health care in the country, and in Abu Dhabi in particular, deals with the disease according to the highest international standards, whether in imaging or surgery, in addition to a medical staff.

Specialized doctors have identified five controllable risk factors for preventing breast cancer, including weight and physical activity, breastfeeding, some birth control pills, pregnancy and childbearing history, in addition to drinking alcohol, noting that being overweight or obese is a risk factor for cancer. Breast, therefore, it is important to adhere to healthy food and exercise, while studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing the disease.

Doctors indicated that there is a relationship between certain types of birth control pills and an increased risk of breast cancer, and that delaying the first pregnancy until after the age of 30 or not having a full-term pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer, pointing out that studies have shown that Drinking alcohol increases a woman's risk of developing breast cancer.

They warned that there are eight signs of breast cancer that cannot be controlled, including gender, breast density, aging, factors related to reproductive system functions, exposure to radiation in the chest area, family history, genetic mutations, in addition to previous exposure to breast cancer, explaining that men have They develop breast cancer, but the disease is more prevalent in women, and the risk of the disease increases in the event of an increase in breast density, which can also make it more difficult to detect tumors during a mammogram.

They pointed out that breast cancer can occur at any age, but that it is more likely to occur with age, in addition to the presence of other factors related to the functions of the reproductive system, including the start of the menstrual cycle before the age of 12 years, or the start of menopause after the age of 55 years, or exposure For radiation in the chest area, where the risk of breast cancer increases in patients who have a history of exposure to radiation in the chest area, in addition to the family history associated with the emergence of previous cases of breast, ovarian or other cancers in the family, and called on patients who have such a family history to Undergo genetic testing.

Doctors confirmed that women who have inherited changes in some genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) are more likely to develop breast cancer, while previous exposure to some types of benign breast cancer pose a greater risk of infection, and they demanded that women who are most vulnerable to the disease should take regular checks to detect Early for any abnormal indications.

Awareness campaign

The head of the general surgery department, head of the outpatient department in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, which is affiliated with the "SEHA" company, Dr. Nahed Ahmed Bala, explained that the campaign launched by the "SEHA" company to raise awareness of breast cancer, focuses on women in Abu Dhabi, especially those who reach the age of forty And above, with the aim of making them aware of the importance of undergoing the examination, raising awareness of the importance of repeated tests, and increasing awareness of the signs and treatment of breast cancer, because the examination may save a woman's life, as the examination helps to discover breast cancer early, and then it is easier to treat.


rate of cure from breast cancer is 95% if detected early.

5 controllable risk factors for preventing breast cancer include weight, physical activity and breastfeeding.

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