Withdrawal of money with bank card (illustration image).



Two 16-year-old high school students were arrested Tuesday morning in the very enclosure of their respective establishments in Villeurbanne, near Lyon (Rhône).

Their arrest is the result of a month-long investigation.

The two accomplices are suspected of having, on September 11, threatened a man with a screwdriver in order to steal his bank card and extract his code, the Lyon police reported on Wednesday.

In their escape, the two accomplices, who had taken the care to withdraw money with the bank card, lost one of their phones.

This allowed investigators to identify them more quickly.

They also relied on the use of video surveillance cameras.

The clothes they were wearing on the evening of the assault were found at their home during a search.

During their hearing, the suspects admitted to the facts but played them down, police said.

They must be presented this Wednesday at the Lyon prosecutor's office.


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