Emmanuel Macron moved on Wednesday to the areas devastated by the passage of storm Alex, in particular in Tende, in Roya, where he met residents in distress.

The latter hope that the President will "keep his promises" of reconstruction.


A cry from the heart: "We had the feeling of being forgotten for 48 hours. It's very hard, people have lost everything. We try to cope but we can't stay strong for long. We mustn't. forget, we must remake our beautiful Roya and relive it, "says Marie, a resident of Tende, in tears to Emmanuel Macron.

The Head of State came to give his support on Wednesday to the inhabitants whose valley was devastated by storm Alex.

"We are fighting and we will put the means", replied the President, who promised Wednesday that the decree proclaiming the state of natural disaster had been signed.

"Let him keep his promises"

After meeting the volunteers and the emergency services, Emmanuel Macron took the time to talk for an hour with the victims, bruised by the disaster and who expect a lot from his words spoken Wednesday afternoon.

"Let him keep his promises, so that we already have access if only through Italy. Helicopters all day, queuing to eat, it's not a life," laments a resident .

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Return of the train and reconstruction

For two days, the inhabitants of Roya had the impression of being largely ignored by this disaster, invisible victims that it took too long to help.

Roland, inhabitant of the valley, did not hesitate to remind the Head of State: "I told him that he had to make sure that Roya was not forgotten in relation to the three valleys, all that for reasons of political influence on the other two valleys, because Christian Estrosi and Éric Ciotti are natives of the other two valleys. Much is expected from the commissioning of rail and equipment to rebuild our roads, our bridges, and restore life ", to the valley, asks Roland.

Emmanuel Macron then flew by helicopter to go to Breil-sur-Roya and Saint-Martin-Vésubie, two other towns affected by the terrible floods on Friday and Saturday.