German-Russian relations with Cold War overtones

Beginning of the trial of a Russian for the murder of a Georgian of Chechen origin in Berlin, October 7, 2020. Odd Andersen / Pool Photo via AP

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The trial of the murderer of a Georgian of Chechen origin opened on October 7 in the German capital.

From the start, Moscow's responsibility has been at the center of this procedure, which has blown a bad wind on bilateral relations between the two countries.

Germany, which has hosted the Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny, victim of poisoning in his country, is also asking Moscow to shed light on this affair.

Relations between the two countries are strained.


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From our correspondent in Berlin


Pascal Thibaut

Berlin, August 23, 2019: in the heart of the city, a cyclist coldly shoots a pedestrian with his weapon before fleeing and being caught up shortly after.

The victim is a Georgian of Chechen origin


the perpetrator of the murder a Russian tourist.

But what looks like a criminal settling of accounts quickly turns into a highly sensitive political affair.


We believe that this is a murder ordered by the Russian authorities

 ", declared the public prosecutor on Wednesday October 7th during the opening of the trial of "Mr. accused" to use the words of the president of the court , the identity of the man not being clear.

This most sensitive trial is also that of the Kremlin.

The procedure has poisoned German-Russian relations for more than a year.

Angela Merkel threatened Moscow with reprisals if her responsibility was proven.

The victim had fought in the Second Chechen War against Russia.

He had lived for four years in Germany where he had applied for asylum after surviving two assassination attempts in his home country.

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