Ajman Police arrested its members within 24 hours

Gang stole 3.2 million dirhams with a white weapon

Gang members have the stolen money in front of them.

From the source

A gang of five people managed to seize three million and 280 thousand dirhams from employees of a money exchange company under the threat of white weapons, and the Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department of the Ajman Police General Command succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the accident and arresting the perpetrators within less than 24 hours of receiving the report.

In detail, the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department at Ajman Police, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Saeed Al Nuaimi, stated that a report had been received in the operations room stating that people had been beaten in their vehicle and seized a large amount of money they had in their possession.

He added that the administration immediately took over the formation of a team of investigators to follow up the case and arrest the suspects, and by inspecting the location of the crime it was found that the victims were working in one of the major exchange companies in the emirate, and they were transferring the sum of three million and 280 thousand dirhams using a civilian car without taking any security precautions. , Violating the Money Transfer Act.

By searching and investigating, it was found that the suspects were five people, three of whom had Arab nationalities, a fourth Gulf and a fifth Asian, and that they had planned the robbery and borrowed a vehicle from their friend to carry out the crime and steal the amount.

He emphasized that the speed of response and the experience of the investigators contributed to uncovering the mystery of the accident and arresting the first suspect in the Emirate of Ajman, and the gang members were in the hands of the police one by one until the arrest of all members of the gang was tightened in coordination with the police leaders in the Emirates of Dubai and Fujairah, and the stolen amount was recovered within 24 hours after receiving the report of the incident, which is considered a new achievement in addition to the series of achievements of the Ajman Police in the process of enhancing security and safety, redressing the oppressed and restoring rights to their owners.

The Director of the Criminal Investigations Department praised the efficiency and experience of the police and their efforts with which they were able to arrest the accused in record time, calling for the need to pay attention to the application of sound procedures for transferring money and not to underestimate it.

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