Exceptionally, the Finnish top name of the NHL booking event, which was held only at the beginning of October, was Anton Lundell.

HIFK’s centenary promise, recently turned 19, was reserved for the Florida Panthers in the first round at number 12.

- Of course, great feelings to get to Florida.

Since I was young until now I have always dreamed sometimes was playing in the NHL.

Now I'm one step closer to it.

It was a really good feeling when the booking finally came, Lundell told IS.

- It was a pretty exciting opportunity, though.

Now I am relieved and satisfied.

However, Lundell said he could not wait for Florida to elect him.

Lundell followed a booking event organized with video connections with his close circle in the restaurant premises of the Helsinki Ice Rink on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

As late as Tuesday night, he led HIFK’s No. 1 chain in a 3-1 win against Pelicans.

- It's been a pretty long day, but fun.

I will remember this for a long time.

We still won, which made the day even better.

After the game we went to dinner and then we were just waiting for the draft.

There were about twenty of us here.

- It was great that family and friends were here.

It was special to get to share this day with them.

Lundell has said he considers Florida number one star and team captain Aleksander Barkov to be one of his greatest role models, whom he has learned to play.

Lundell, who plays like a central striker like Barkov, was now in the same company as his role model.

Perhaps in the future, the Finnish axis will lead the Panthers' two top chains.

- I have followed the long Barkov games.

I think we are pretty much the same type of players.

Similar strengths and things in the game, Lundell pondered.

- I'm really excited.

Barkov is one of the best players in the league.

Lundel became the third Finnish center reservation in the first round of Florida during the previous eight booking events.

In 2013, the Panthers picked up Barkov and in 2016 Henrik Borgström, who recently moved on to become Lundell’s teammate at HIFK.

The Panthers have been in a confusing state for a long time, and the team has not been able to enjoy any success to date.

Now, however, the winds of change are blowing in the company.

Bill Zito, who worked for a long time as Jarmo Kekäläinen's staff in Columbus, was recently named the team's new GM.

Zito is hoped to bring posture to the Sunshine team.

Lundell gets to start his NHL career in peace away from the biggest limelight, as the Panthers, far from the puck sanctuary, are the teams in the series with the lowest media attention in North America.

Still fresh, Lundell hadn’t had time to chat with Zito about whether he would be expected to join the team already in the upcoming NHL season, which aims to start in January.