1 Finland-Bulgaria (1)

League of Nations: Finland opened its winning account when Ireland fell 1-0.

The match's performance was also better than the previous Wales loss.

Bulgaria equalized the score at home with Ireland 1-1 and lost slightly 0-1 as a Welsh guest.

Finland, which has strengthened in terms of the previous round of the League of Nations matches, will start the match as a clear pre-favorite of 57 per cent.

2 England-Belgium (X2)

League of Nations: England’s game performances last fell short of expectations against Iceland and Denmark, even though the matches were settled without losses.

Belgium performed convincingly in both matches, winning 2-0 for Denmark in the away team and 5-1 for Iceland at home.

England go to the top of the block with a home advantage as a meager 40 per cent favorite.

3 Iceland-Denmark (X2)

League of Nations: Iceland had to settle for a loss in both of their opening round matches.

At home, a 0-1 loss came from England and an ugly 1-5 loss against Belgium against Belgium.

Denmark lost 0-2 to Belgium at home and equalized with England in their goal-free match.

Iceland will get its key players missing from the group, but guests will leave the match as favorites of about 45 per cent.

4 Croatia-Sweden (1)

League of Nations: In the matches played at the beginning of September, Croatia suffered two away losses, first in Portugal 1-4 and in France 2-4.

The fate of Sweden was similar after losing at home to France 0-1 and Portugal 0-2.

Croatia is better than the teams, but Sweden keeps their opponents away from high-quality goals with their collective defensive play.

With a home advantage, hosts earn a little more than once out of two favorite stations.

5 France-Portugal (1X)

League of Nations: France narrowly won 1-0 among Swedish guests and celebrated a 4-2 win at home at the expense of Croatia.

Portugal knocked out Croatia 4-1 at home and 2-0 at Sweden.

In the previous League of Nations tournament, France, which was left out of the playoffs, is starving enough.

In the low-margin top-down battle, the hosts rise to a favorite position of about 45 percent.

6 Bosnia and Herzegovina (12)

League of Nations: Bosnia-Herzegovina equalized the score as a guest of Italy 1-1, but suffered a 1-2 loss to Poland at home.

The Dutch players who switched coach did not start as expected.

The home game against Poland was won 1-0, but in the latter match against Italy the game performance was weak and a 0-1 loss to the extracts was earned.

The guests are a higher quality ensemble of several categories and deserve a clear favorite position even in the guests.

7 Poland-Italy (12)

League of Nations: Poland suffered a 0-1 loss as a Dutch guest, but offset disappointment with a 2-1 victory as a guest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Italy performed convincingly in their opening games, although they had to settle for a 1-1 point distribution with Bosnia-Herzegovina at home.

The difference in the basic level makes Italy a clear 45% favorite even in the foreign field.

The success of the hosts is still worth fitting into the ranks.

8 Norway - Romania (1)

League of Nations: Norway had to bow to Austria 1-2 at home, but boosted its self-confidence by seeking a 5-1 crushing victory in Northern Ireland.

Romania equalized the score at home with Northern Ireland 1-1, but took a 3-2 win against the event as an Austrian guest.

Both have a decisive European Championship qualifying match ahead of the League of Nations.

Slightly higher quality Norway is a one-of-a-kind pre-favorite at home.

9 P-Ireland-Austria (2)

League of Nations: Northern Ireland equalized the score as a Romanian guest 1-1, but lost as much as 1-5 to Norway at home.

Austria opened the tournament with a 2-1 win as a Norwegian guest, but suddenly lost 2-3 at home to Romania.

The low block of the hosts and the special-purpose offensive games have paid off in recent years, but the higher-quality Austria deserves a clear 50 percent favorite in the match.

10 Russia-Turkey (1)

League of Nations: Russia continued the strong grips already seen in the European Championship qualifiers after first knocking out Serbia 3–1 at home and Hungary 3–2 away in the opening games.

Turkey's hand, on the other hand, remained subdued as expected when the home game against Hungary was lost 0-1 and the score as a Serbian away team was equalized in an undefeated match.

Russia will continue to win the tournament with a probability of just under 50 percent.

11 Serbia and Hungary (1)

League of Nations: Serbia lost 1-3 away against Russia and were left undefeated in a draw against Turkey at home.

Hungary surprised the Turkish guests with their 1-0 victory, but lost at home to Russia 2-3 despite even game events.

Both are facing an important European Championship qualifier on Thursday.

The hosts deserve a clear 55 percent favorite position despite their weak recent matches.

12 Israel - Czech Republic (1X)

League of Nations: Israel opened their tournament without losses when the scores were equaled to 1-1 with both Scotland and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic claimed the expected 3–1 victory as a guest of Slovakia, but suffered a 1-2 defeat at home against Scotland.

Israel, without exception, performed strongly in the European Championship qualifiers at home.

The Czech Republic is of a higher standard and the match is based on equal and low-profile starting points.

13 Scotland-Slovakia (1)

League of Nations: Scotland opened the League of Nations without a loss. At home, the score was equalized 1-1 with Israel, but a 2-1 victory came out of the away game against the Czech Republic. Slovakia evened the score as an Israeli guest, 1-1, but lost their home game to the Czechs 1-3. Scotland is the highest quality team in the block. About once in two, a realized home win is marked as certain in the final decision.