All six prisoners in a prison in southern Russia, who had dug a tunnel over 50 meters long and escaped collectively, were recently arrested by local authorities.

Investigative authorities have said they will pay a large amount of compensation to the reporter who provided crucial information in the arrest.

According to the news agency Lianobosti on the 6th local time, local police said that the six prisoners were captured in the village of Uran-Hol in the Kalmykiya Republic, about 278 km from Mahachikala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan.

On the 22nd of last month, the prisoners dug a tunnel over 50m from a prison near the village of Shamhal-Thermen, 15km from Mahachikala, and fled, turning the community upside down.

The efforts of those who devoted a great deal of effort to digging the tunnels turned to waste in just over a week.

Previously, local media reported that they would have spent at least a year or more digging at the scale of the tunnel.

The investigative authorities said they plan to pay a large sum of up to 1 million rubles as compensation to the farmers who made a decisive report on their arrest.

It is reported that the cattle rancher assisted a prisoner who requested directions and then reported it to the police.

All six prisoners were sentenced to long-term sentences by the courts for committing serious crimes, including murder and drug crime.

(Photo = Dagestan investigation authority Instagram capture, local media '360tv' screen capture, Yonhap News)