Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimović, who plays in Italy’s main series, celebrated his 39th anniversary on Saturday and said he bought himself a Porsche 911 sports car as a birthday present.

The Porsche 911 purchased by Zlatan is a Targa 4S.

It has a top speed of 304 kilometers per hour and an acceleration from zero to one hundred in just 3.6 seconds, says Teknikens värld.

- Happy birthday to Zlatan, in Milan, wrote the picture in the cover text.

Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the great figures in the football world who inspires false jaws to joke.

Zlatan jokes, in Sweden in particular, are a genre of their own, and the jokes mimic the humor formed around the American film actor Chuck Norris, which elevates his subject to a superhuman.

- Zlatan does not celebrate birthdays, birthdays celebrate Zlatan, the comment field of the car photo published by Ibrahimović is written.

- When Zlatan cuts an onion, the onion cries.

- Zlatan had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the game.

Today, the case is known as half time.

Ibrahimović scored two goals in his first match of the season.

The match was played on September 22nd.

Two days later, Milan announced that the attacker had contracted a coronavirus infection.

Zlatan said he was asymptomatic.

- The virus had the courage to challenge me.

Bad idea, Ibrahimovic voiced on his Twitter account.

It was also a matter of play at that time.

"The virus must now be quarantined for 14 days after being exposed to Zlatan," one thought.

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