Earlier this week, women’s NBA star Liz Cambage shared bold shots of her Playboy filming on her Instagram account.

Australian Cambage shared the images and hoped to send a positive message with them.

The 203-centimeter Las Vegas Aces star player said in the cover message that he suffered from severe self-esteem problems, especially as teenagers.

- This is for all those who do not feel like you in their own skin or are unsure of their sexuality.

I hated myself as a teenager for so long, trying to shrink myself into something I wasn’t.

I hope I can inspire those who have a hard time with these things.

I promise you will be beautiful and excellent just the way you are, Cambage wrote.

Cambage, 29, also wrote a warm thank-you note to Playboy’s filming team that helped him feel comfortable in an unusual situation for him.

Previously, Cambage posed for ESPN’s annual Body Issue.

To Playboy, Cambage tells him that he was bullied because of his height and skin color.

Image: Mjt / AdMedia / Zuma / MVPhotos

- With my friend, when we are both black, we had dyed contact lenses, we blonde our hair, we straightened our hair.

We didn't sunbathe.

We did everything we could to shrink and be more “white”.

It wasn’t until I moved to America that I really started to be you with my body and skin color.

- I've never talked about my sexuality in public.

Playboy posing it comes to sexuality, partying and the fact that I can say: "Yes, I am 203-centimeter woman and I like sex".

- As a female athlete, it feels like I have no right to be sexy.

Society wants that I sit, I am silent and sports activities.