“Just as if I had lived every moment,” the long-haired man says as he seeks a signature in the last scene of this film, at a book launch.

He’s a cameo-playing authentic James Bowen, a broken childhood and drug-stricken street musician whose life is based on Roger Spottiswood’s drama.

That book has the same name as the movie: Street Street Bob.

James Bowen’s autobiographical, life-tasting work became a surprisingly great success.

The film is equally a good-natured story: how a cute cat tamed a London drug addict.

The role of James Bowen sees Luke Treadaway singing and playing the music numbers himself.

The street floor is played by a few actresses, but mostly Bob himself, aka Bowen’s real-life pet.

Director Spottiswooden is inspired by a sympathetic and authentic hero cat story.

Bowen is a drug-taken street troubadour whose ragged life undergoes a major change with the orphan cat.

When there is someone to take care of and who takes care of, it is suddenly important to repent.

In addition, a beautiful dog man (Ruta Gedmintas) lives next door, whose presence also motivates him.

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt is seen as a detox doctor.

The film has a few embarrassing scenes glued on, such as the treating confrontation between dogs and cats, and changing the angle of view to the cat’s perspective doesn’t always work as a technique.

However, generosity saves a lot.

The film has similar healing effects as online cat videos.

For non-cat lovers, too, there’s enough drama arc involved.

Genuine James Bowen found Bob, an abandoned and injured cat in his support apartment in 2007. He used his last pounds to the vet, and since then Bob never left his new master, but followed this everywhere.

Bowen has said Bob really saved his life - and that’s why it’s so sad that Bob himself eventually died in a car accident this year, at an older age.

- Bob gave me direction and purpose in life, says Bowen, whose drug hook causes include a broken childhood and youth in a divorced family and being bullied at school.

The impulse of youth quickly led to stronger substances.

Heroin led to homelessness after the man’s attempt to become a rock star had paid off.

Bowen had to pay for his drug withdrawal by calling in central London and later selling the Big Number on the streets.

The discovery cat was named Bob because when it raged, it reminded Bowen of the ferocious Bob of the Twin Peaks series!

Söpöläinen was otherwise far from the TV monster.

The London cat, which thrives on the musician's shoulder, gradually became a favorite tourist destination and a YouTube hit.

Street Cat Bob (2016), on Sunday at TV2 AT 9 p.m.