The political and judicial battle between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has left a negative balance for the PP.

This is how the majority of popular positions consulted share it.

And it has also alerted some of the barons of the party, upset by the excessive centralism of the debate on the management of the pandemic, with Madrid in the eye of the hurricane "and a bad stop."

The remains of the Madrid sanitary shipwreck are clairvoyant:


has the worst data in Spain and has closed in the midst of a brawl that not only concerns the PP and PSOE, but has also notably deteriorated relations between the popular and citizens in within the government of the Community.

In the national leadership of the party, they close ranks with Madrid's head-on clash strategy, because this region is not only the liberal laboratory of the PP, but also the main territorial opposition battering ram to Pedro Sánchez.

But among the regional leaders and the deputies consulted there is perplexity over a political "war" in which "the citizens of Madrid have been the hostages" of an overly intricate debate.

In private, most of the leaders consulted agree that

"this battle is not understood by ordinary people, even less at a time when the pandemic is raging in Madrid"

, as recounted by a prominent parliamentarian.

"It was an unedifying spectacle



adds another.

And a Genoa leader thinks the same: "We should have focused on the message that closing Madrid is economic ruin, which is something that citizens do understand."

The internal consensus is that the Community of Madrid has some peculiarities that expose it more to the pandemic than to other autonomies, but that on this occasion it has not honored the reputation of good management that it boasts, because it has not hired the enough health professionals, or trackers, nor has their message of economic prioritization been fully established.

"Fear and uncertainty take all that ahead" after the perimeter closure of the capital and nine other cities in the province, agrees another leader, for whom this weekend the curve has definitively bent: "But the curve economic, "he laments.

In some of the baronies they believe that Pablo Casado has turned too much in Madrid (which, politically, is his fiefdom) and should opt for positions more similar to those of Galicia.

Although it must be remembered that the Feijóo Health Minister also voted against the new restriction measures.

«Ayuso is pushing more than necessary and in Genoa they are very much on top of her and her shock strategy;

we would like others to be more references of Casado ", they say in one of the regional presidencies held by the PP.

"The weak link of the PP right now is not Andalusia, Galicia, Castilla y León or Murcia, it is Madrid"

, they point out in reference to the Madrid health problem.

"What Pablo needs is calm, to look more at the center and at the people, more than at the parties," says a regional president.

"You have to forget about Vox and rely more on other profiles: more Almeida, more Jorge Azcón and more Juanma Moreno," he

adds, listing the mayors of Madrid and Zaragoza and the president of Andalusia (where the health perspective also worsens, by the way ).

"The PP must go to moderation: from moderation comes efficiency and from efficiency come the votes," they settle in a popular barony.

So, is Casado questioned?

There is no leadership problem.

The monolithic parties are over


There are no longer Aznar-type leaderships, nor Felipe.

There are also no caudillismos, "says a national leader.

“In these times, if you have not exercised or gained attractive leadership, you are never going to win it, unless an event that favors it appears, as happened with Almeida in the pandemic.

If not, you will play to defeat the adversary, like Rajoy », he adds.

The tacit unchecking of the barons does not occur only on request of anonymity.

On Thursday, sources from the Junta de Andalucía, the Xunta de Galicia, the Junta de Castilla y León and the Region of Murcia confirmed to this newspaper that they will not appeal the resolution of the Ministry of Health that imposes the new measures, despite the fact that all of them except Castilla y León voted "no".

Moreno argued that, although he respects Ayuso's decisions, he prefers to wait until next Wednesday and discuss new measures in the meeting with Health.

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, Castilian-Leon president, took his own profile further and assured that the measures proposed by Illa are good for the citizens of his community and of Spain, and that is why he voted in favor.

Genoa sources assure that

Casado does not see any problem in each baron having his own positions

, as long as it benefits him territorially.

If the internal debate beats again, it is because the moment is crucial for Casado.

The Kitchen case has returned to the fore, and Vox's motion is just around the corner.

Some leaders see this parliamentary faithful as the nail in the fan of Casado's entire strategy for the coming months.

Whether he gets the message right, "the tone" and the "broadening" of his party will largely depend on the medium-term health of the acronym


Pablo Casado is facing a key moment: doubling the Cape Horn of the legislature (and its leadership) and leading the "recast" of the center-right, or fighting hand-to-hand with Vox for the next three years.

That is the question.

All those consulted agree: Casado "is going to take forward" the ballot of the motion that Santiago Abascal has devised against him.

"I see those of Vox uncomfortable, because they believed that it would have much more travel and more media prominence," says another baron.

But in the PP they fear the pincer of PSOE and Abascal.

"The Memory Law gives wings to Vox, for example,"

says one of the sources.

"Votes are given."

In any case, in Genoa they affirm that they are already going in the direction that the barons are pointing.

On Thursday, in fact, there was a meeting at the national and regional headquarters of the PP in which the national leadership of the PP advocated abiding by the Government's measures and "stopping" the war with Illa.

Although Casado has been in contact with Ayuso to assess the situation on a recurring basis,

the links between the Community of Madrid and Genoa have been, above all, two regional councilors: Enrique López and Enrique Ruiz Escudero


At that meeting they were called by phone, according to the sources, and at all times they agreed with the strategy of complying with the measures to bury the political hatchet, but settling the discrepancies in the courts and in Congress.

However, on Friday Ayuso sent a tweet that made the armistice difficult, accusing Sánchez of the "chaos" that the closure of Madrid will entail.

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