• Bad weather emergency in the North-West: two victims, but one missing were found.

    Two bridges collapsed

  • France, bad weather: at least two dead, several people are missing in the Nice region

  • Venice, Mose rises for the first time against high water.

    Piazza San Marco dry


04 October 2020 Bad weather devastates the Northwest.

The death toll is two (in Valle d'Aosta and Vercellese) and 2 missing (one in Piedmont, the other is a hunter in the Pavia area).

Particularly serious situation in Limone in Piedmont.

'A catastrophe', says the mayor.

Three collapsed bridges.

The one on the Sesia, between Romagnano and Gattinara, had been reopened at 12 in a direct Fb of the two mayors.

The other two in Valtrebbia in Piacentino, on the state road 45 which connects Piacenza and Genoa;

and in Bagnasco, in the Cuneo area, overwhelmed by the Tanaro.

Isolated Omea, between the province of Cuneo and the border with Liguria.

According to Coldiretti, in 24 hours the level of the Po has risen by three meters.

In Venice, the Mose barriers were raised for the first time, the tide rose only 75 centimeters and St. Mark's Square remained dry.

Piedmont and Liguria ask for a state of emergency

Piedmont and Liguria have asked the government for a state of emergency for damage caused by bad weather.

In 24 hours, the rainfall broke the historical record since 1958, causing extensive damage and, above all, one victim and one missing person.   

To lose his life was a 36-year-old boy, Samuel Pregnolato, resident in Quarona, in the Vercelli area, whose body was recovered on the shore of the Sesia river in Borgosesia.

The man's car went into the river on Friday night.

The 21-year-old brother managed to save himself by clinging to some branches.

On the other hand, the search continues for a lost margaro near Colle di Tenda, which it is feared may have been overwhelmed by the Vermenagna stream in flood.   

The alluvial event that struck Piedmont was characterized by exceptional rainfall over most of the territory, with peaks of 630 mm in Sambughetto (Vb), 610 mm in Piedicavallo (Bi) and 580 mm in Limone Piemonte (Cn) in sunshine 24 hours.

The intense and concentrated rains have produced extensive and widespread flooding of waterways, erosion of the banks and, in some cases, the collapse of bridges.

Landslides, mudslides and transport of material have caused damage to road infrastructures and inhabited centers.   

The Turin-Milan motorway was interrupted for a few hours, while the Turin-Aosta between Scarmagno and Quincinetto remains closed.

The alert remains orange pending the transit of the flood wave, which could cause local flooding, and due to the increase in the levels of Lake Maggiore.

The areas at risk are the Tanaro, Belbo and Bormida valleys in the Cuneo area, along the Toce river in the Novarese and Verbano areas, and in the northern plain.

On the other hand, the yellow alert in Turin has been confirmed.     

To manage the emergency, about 80 Municipal Operational Centers (Coc) have been activated and over 700 volunteers are active throughout the region.

The operations room of the Civil Protection in Corso Marche, in Turin, open 24 hours a day, open from 8 yesterday.

This morning the President of the Region Alberto Cirio will carry out an inspection in the most affected areas.