A small fire broke out on Viking Line's passenger car ferry M / S Amorella on Thursday at the Naantali repair yard.

- A small fire broke out on Thursday in the ship's auxiliary room during welding work.

It was turned off immediately.

Some electricity cable has been burned, Johanna Boijer-Svanström, Viking Line's communications manager, tells Ilta-Sanomat.

According to him, the fire will not affect the ship's repair schedule in any way.

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M / S Amorella ran aground on Sunday 20 September at 12.50 in Hjulgrund in the Åland archipelago.

The ship had about 200 passengers and 80 crew members in the event of the grounding.

Passengers were still transported to Mariehamn on the same day.

Amorella, who traveled to Stockholm, made ground contact in the waters of Hjulgrund, Åland.

It was driven to the shore mole of Järsö Island, from where it was towed to Långnäs Harbor.

Viking Line's Amorella vessel, which was towed, arrived at the Turku repair yard in Naantali on 24 September.

The Accident Investigation Board later found material not belonging to Viking Line's Amorella shipwreck.

On September 29, the fairway agency announced that the route Apteekkarinväylä, used by Amorella and other shipping, will be closed until October 2.

The location of the boulder at the edge of the fairway had been refined in the studies and was partly located on the fairway side.

The investigation of the pharmacy route began after the grounding of Viking Line's Amorella just over two weeks ago.

Investigations in the area are still ongoing.