“Fratelli Tutti”: Pope Francis' call to fraternity and dialogue

The front page of the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, dedicated to the new encyclical “Fratteli Tutti” (“All Brothers”), dated October 4, 2020. Remo Casilli / Reuters

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Five years after “Laudato si '” which put forward the protection of the environment, Pope Francis published a new encyclical this Sunday.

Inspired once again by Saint Francis of Assisi, he insists on human fraternity in a world marked by fractures and conflicts. 


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With our correspondent in the Vatican,

Eric Sénanque

Last year, in Abu Dhabi, Pope Francis signed “ 

the declaration on human fraternity

 ” with the grand imam of Al Azhar.

It is in this spirit that this new encyclical was born.

A social encyclical which, explains François, aims to open up a dialogue " 

with all people of good will


Divided into eight chapters, this document emphasizes the dangers of a world in the midst of fragmentation: " 

History is showing signs of retreat

, the Pope alarmed,"

of the anachronistic conflicts considered to be outdated. blazing, narrow, exacerbated, resentful and aggressive nationalisms reappear.


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An invitation to think about the migration issue in the long term

François is worried about the evolution of politics which, very often he notes, " 

is no longer a healthy discussion on long-term projects for the development of all and the common good


In his document, the Sovereign Pontiff also invites us to rethink an “ 

ethics of international relations

 ”, where each person, whatever his background or function, has equal dignity.

Thinking about long-term migration, reaffirming the indispensable multilateralism of the United Nations, are also strong themes of this document, as is the invitation to build peace, in particular by rejecting nuclear weapons.

A text which has a universal scope but which looks towards Africa, especially when François speaks of migrations.

The successor of Benedict XVI invites us to think about the migration issue in the long term, pleads both for a better reception of migrants and also explains that the “ 

right not to emigrate

 ” must be reaffirmed.

# Saint Francis of Assisi, this Saint of brotherly love, simplicity and joy, who inspired me to write the encyclical Laudato si´, urges me this time to dedicate this new encyclical to fraternity and social friendship.


  Pope Francis (@Pontifex_fr) October 4, 2020

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South African reconciliation, an example for the Pope

In this fractured world, religions have their say, writes François: “ 

They are at the service of fraternity in the world.

 "At the beginning of his text, Francis returns to the meeting that took place eight centuries ago in Egypt, between Saint Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Malik Al-Kâmil, where the Italian saint" 

urged to avoid any form of aggression or conflict


An incitement to peace and interreligious dialogue still relevant for the Sovereign Pontiff.

In this text which invites to build peace, the Pope also recalls the efforts of reconciliation useful for history, giving as an example the bishops of South Africa who, in a pastoral letter of 1986, invited to create " 

a new society. founded on the service of others more than on the desire for domination

 ”, where the will to live together had to exceed any consideration of race or culture.

The Covid-19 pandemic "has exposed our false certainties"

“Fratelli Tutti” is finally to be read as an invitation to reflect on the world after the Covid-19 pandemic.

A pandemic which broke out while the Pope was writing his encyclical and " 

which laid bare our false certainties

 ", he underlines.

In this context, let us rediscover " 

the taste of brotherhood

 ", urges the Pope.

At the end of his text, the Argentinian man of the Church pays homage to these great figures who stimulated him, such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Blessed Charles de Foucauld, friend of the Tuareg people, as well as the South African Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner.


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