The mayor of Marseille, Michèle Rubirola, during his election in early July.

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The left mayor of Marseille, Michèle Rubirola, will resume his activity "from the middle of next week and gradually" after three weeks of absence due to a surgical intervention, we learned Friday from the city .

Michèle Rubirola, 64, had been in withdrawal since September 14 and had, in the meantime, entrusted the reins to her first assistant Benoît Payan.

She had nevertheless spoken and mobilized at the time of the announcement of the closure of bars and restaurants in Aix-Marseille, two cities placed in the maximum alert zone in the face of the spread of Covid-19.

Michèle Rubirola was elected mayor of France's second city in July after campaigning at the head of a left-wing union list.

She succeeded LR Jean-Claude Gaudin, in office for twenty-five years.


On the coronavirus, Michèle Rubirola believes that "repression only works for a moment"


The mayor of Marseille is absent for a surgical operation

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