Expansion of subsidy system for infertility treatment To consider concrete measures by the end of the year Government October 4, 5:04

In order to reduce the financial burden of infertility treatment, the government will implement it by the end of the year based on the policy of expanding the current subsidy system to abolish income restrictions and to include common-law marriage. I will decide the plan.

Of the infertility treatments, "in vitro fertilization", which requires a high treatment cost, is not covered by insurance, and in principle, if the wife is under 43 years old and the couple's income is less than 7.3 million yen, at their own expense. Part of the cost will be subsidized.

The government is considering expanding insurance coverage to reduce the financial burden of fertility treatment, but it will take time to reach a conclusion, so in the meantime, the current subsidy system will be expanded. ..

In response to this, the Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League, which has been discussing how to support infertility treatment, has expressed an opinion that the income restrictions set by the current subsidy system should be abolished, and made a recommendation to the government. I'm going to put it together.

Also, at the Komeito Party, Yamaguchi has indicated that common-law marriage should be subsidized and that income restrictions should be relaxed, so a study team will be set up within the party and discussions will begin in earnest in the future. I am.

The government has decided to decide on concrete expansion measures by the end of the year, taking into account such discussions within the ruling party.