• Bad weather: a missing person between Italy and France, the Cuneo firefighters report


03 October 2020Red alert for bad weather in three regions: Liguria, Lombardy and Veneto.

The vast perturbations that are affecting the northern regions of Italy will extend today with widespread rainfall, including thunderstorms.

Orange alert, on the other hand, in Trentino Alto Adige and on part of Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna.

In Liguria the Roya breaks the banks in Ventimiglia

Intense rains and heavy thunderstorms during the night on Liguria where the red level weather alert is in force throughout the territory with the exclusion of the central sector, which includes the Genoese on orange alert.

The storm line that is crossing the region has hit with intensity on the western and eastern Liguria.

In particular, in Ventimiglia, the Roya river came out of its banks at the height of the Squarciafichi footbridge.

In the center there are floods and submerged cars in the hamlet of Torri where a tributary of the Roya stream overflowed. 

On the Roya, the high levels of rainfall at the Airole hydrometric station recorded more than 8 meters above the hydrometric zero, one of the all-time highs.

"In the next few hours - Arpal explain - given the expected persistence of rainfall, the flow rates of the watercourses will still increase; subsequently, criticalities will also be possible in the rest of the region, especially in the basins affected by yesterday morning's floods".

A night of fear in Piedmont, a critical situation: a man missing between Italy and France

The situation in Piedmont remains critical due to the record rains of the last few hours.

A man is missing between Italy and France, where the province of Cuneo borders the Val Roja.

The man is said to be the brother of one of five people rescued by the firefighters who, due to bad weather, were trapped in the Tent Tunnel.

The brothers, Italians, had been overwhelmed by the flood of a river on the French side.

Serious damage caused to Limone Piemonte (Cuneo) by the flooding of the Vermegnano stream.

The tourist resort is isolated following the closure of the state road from Vernante.

In Garessio and Ceva the Tanaro flooded, which in Ormea beat the flood values ​​of 1994 and 2016, before falling below danger levels.

Flood in Borgosesia, in the Vercelli area, where the record breaking wave of the Sesia, which reached 8.54 meters, caused widespread flooding.

All bridges closed since last night, the parked cars went underwater in various parts of the town.

Houses are also flooded.   

Flooding in Mergozzo, in Verbano Cusio Ossola, in Candoglia where according to data from ARPA over 214 mm of rain has fallen in the last 12 hours.

Discomforts also in the Biellese, where landslides and blackouts are recorded.

It is no longer raining in Turin, where the levels of the Po increased during the night, but with values ​​below the thresholds, while more consistent increases are recorded for the Dora Baltea.   

The orange alert remains, confirmed yesterday evening by the ARPA, the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, which foresees a progressive attenuation of the phenomena only from late morning, with residual rains on the Verbano.

In Venice, high tide expected at 135 cm, the barriers of the Mose

Mezzogiorno d'acqua are


, today in Venice.

The tide will rise 135cm and flood half the city.

This is what the Venetian technicians who monitor the lagoon hypothesize.

For the first time in an emergency phase, the mobile dams of the Mose will be raised.

Yesterday, in a meeting between the technicians of the Maree Center and the Cnr-Ismar, all the data, both marine and wind data were examined: a strong sirocco is coming along the Adriatic basin, with gusts that will push over 50 km per hour and which will cause waves in the sea as high as three meters. Concern, as well as in the historic center of Venice, also on the island of Pallestrina and Chioggia.

Meanwhile, yesterday's high tide in Venice stopped at 102 centimeters.

Up to now there have been three lifting tests of the Mose: the first on 10 July, in front of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the last on 11 September, with a time of 50 minutes to raise all 78 gates in the 3 inlets. .

Tomorrow morning would be the first time in the presence of high water.

Last year in November the high tide reached 187 cm, the second highest ever.

Strong winds and precipitation in the Center South

Winds from strong to stormy, from the southern quadrants, concern Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, with gusts up to strong storms on the Apennine ridges and the hills of Sicily.

In addition, storm surges are expected along the exposed coasts.

Precipitations with a prevalent reverse or thunderstorm character are also expected in Umbria and Lazio.