Kimi Räikkönen is a world champion and arguably one of the most popular drivers in the F1 series.

On the way to super popularity, however, Räikkönen has faced many twists and turns, especially at the beginning of his F1 career.

The F1 series has now released a nostalgic video that pays homage to the exceptionally hectic career of a 41-year-old veteran driver.

If the video does not appear, you can watch it here.

Almost twenty years ago, Räikkönen had the opportunity to join Sauber's F1 team after successful test runs.

However, his break-in to F1 circles in 2001 provoked strong resistance, as Räikkö was considered far too inexperienced in the royal class of motorsport.

Before his F1 wash, Räikkönen had only driven twenty races with lower category formulas, the so-called wing car.

The Finn had successful evidence of both karting and small formulas, but some F1 influencers found his experience far too slow.

It was feared that Räikkönen would be a danger to other drivers.

In the case of the super license entitling to compete in the F1 series, there was a strong twist in Räikkönen's case.

For example, Max Mosley, the then boss of the FIA, was against Räikkönen's competition.

Some of the drivers also strongly doubted Räikkönen's abilities.

F1 legend Michael Schumacher, who saw Räikkönen in tests, instead seemed convinced.

Schumacher was said to have called the then Ferrari stable boss Jean Todt and urged him to keep an eye on Räikkö.

After being able to compete, Räikkönen convinced many others.

He took the World Championship point right in his first race.

Sauber's race engineer Jacky Eeckelaert stated that Räikkönen drove as if he had been in F1 for ten years.

Kimi Räikkönen patrolled Sauber during his coming season in 2001. Photo: Mark Horsburgh / Reuters

After the coming season, Räikkönen became a hot name, first moving to Mika Häkkinen's successor to McLaren and later to Michael Schumacher's successor to Ferrari.

Räikkönen is still Ferrari's last world driver champion since 2007. There could be more championships, but largely due to the unreliability of McLaren-Mercedes.

The current Alfa Romeo driver Räikkönen has now entered a record 323 GP races.

He is the Finnish driver who has won the most GP victories with his 21 World Championship races.

The possible continuation of veteran driver Räikkönen's career has not yet been confirmed.