Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of NU.nl, the good news sometimes disappears.

That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news.

Famke Louise and Diederik Gommers start campaign and face mask line

Famke Louise and Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC), are starting a campaign together in which influencers and young people are given the opportunity to ask critical questions to experts about the corona virus.

In addition, they will sell masks, the proceeds of which will go to people who are financially affected by the virus, the singer tells

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The Hague celebrates 200th street against loneliness

Steenhouwersgaarde in The Hague is the 200th so-called 'Lief en Leedstraat' in The Hague, the municipality said in a press release.

Lief and Leedstraten are an initiative against loneliness.

Among other things, neighbors receive some money together to buy each other a gift at sad or fun events.

It all started in Rotterdam, when a woman had lain dead in her home for ten years completely unnoticed.

The environment thought that this should never happen again, writes the municipality.

Mrs. Ibrahim (center) and Mrs. Kapaan (right) together form the new 'pacemaker team' in the Steenhouwersgaarde (Image: Municipality of The Hague).

Thousands of elderly people surprised on National Parents' Day

Volunteers surprised thousands of elderly people on Friday on National Parents' Day with a card, cake or flower at the door, writes the National Elderly Fund in a press release.

Many of the activities that are normally organized on National Parents' Day have been given a different form due to the corona virus.

For example, a story by writer Kees van Kooten was read over the telephone by volunteers from the Zilverlijn.

The #NationaleOuderendag is a great occasion for a #flashbackfriday to Lievekamp on Tour where we organized no fewer than 12 pop-up concerts in collaboration with various elderly organizations!



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Texel finds an animal-friendly solution for stray cats

Animal relief and nature organizations are starting this weekend with an animal-friendly solution for stray cats on Texel.

The cats pose a threat to several protected species such as the arctic vole, wheatear and black-tailed godwit.

Originally, the idea was still alive to shoot the stray cats in nature reserves, writes Staatsbosbeheer, among others, in a press release.

But that does not happen.

The cats are caught, microchipped and neutered and returned to a suitable environment.

A distinction between stray and domestic cats is made thanks to chips, which have recently been implanted free of charge in the domestic cats of Texel residents.

Texel is tackling the nuisance caused by stray cats in nature reserves this weekend with the 'Fish & Chip' campaign.

The cats are in fact an increasing threat to protected animal species such as the Arctic vole, wheatear and black-tailed godwit.

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