Couples from the first dates at the altar program have fully enjoyed their honeymoon in Finnish nature destinations.

For Emma and Tuomas, who are spending their honeymoon in the stunning scenery of Koli, the honeymoon has been more than just open acquaintance and the intoxication of love.

- The honeymoon has been quite varied.

Emotions have both revolved from side to side, Tuomas admits.

The article includes plot revelations from now on.

A 29-year-old couple from Joensuu reveals in a recent episode that they had a serious conversation on their honeymoon after the cameras turned off.

According to Emma, ​​Tuomas wanted to leave the game already at this stage.

- One thing that felt really bad yesterday and today was when Tuomas was ready to throw his gloves on the counter in style at this point, Emma reveals, swallowing to the cameras.

Tuomas is going to give up on his honeymoon. Photo: Hannu Oikkonen

Tuomask also shares his own view of the situation.

He said the couple’s conversation quickly became frustrating.

- It was kind of jerking.

The conversation didn't go in the right direction, and it went into a more annoying incitement, Tuomas describes.

Emma, ​​who has spoken of her own uncertainty before, tells the cameras that the dispute really hurt her mind.

- I don't understand why you have to think like that at this stage, it shouldn't be like that at this stage, Emma says.

Emma and Tuomas were sent on a honeymoon to the landscapes of Koli. Photo: Johannes Niva

The situation was so fiery that both parties eventually took turns calling Marianna Stolbow, a program expert.

- I called Marianna yesterday, and today Emma called, Tuomas reveals.

According to Emma, ​​it is difficult for the couple to get over the conversations they are having.

- We can't let things be.

If something comes up and it goes through, then it should be left in it, but we’ll be pulled in a moment to get that thing out.

It’s the kind of perimeter that’s twisted, and both get frustrated, Emma says.

This was also the case with the conversation on the honeymoon.

The thing bothers Emma is that she bursts into inconsolable crying in front of the cameras.

- In a way, we had a discussion, but that kind of thing leaves me wondering, Emma says, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

The wedding day was colored by Emma's uncertainty. Photo: MTV

Emma and Tuomas' taival program has included many challenging moments.

Although the couple has said they appreciate their mutual humor and outspokenness, uncertainty and a heated exchange have also been seen since the beginning of the season.

Even everyday things, such as cutting a tomato and doing business in a store, have caused the discussion.

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