Health Minister Olivier Véran announced Thursday that Paris ticked all the boxes to switch to the maximum alert zone, but returned any restrictions to Monday.

What reinforce, in Marseille, where bars and restaurants have been closed for a week, the impression of a double standard, two measures. 


In Marseille already scalded by the restrictions decided on a week ago, the latest government announcements do not pass.

While in Marseille, bars and restaurants had to close their doors due to the rebound of the coronavirus epidemic, their Parisian counterparts were granted a reprieve, and this while the capital has crossed the three corresponding thresholds to the maximum alert zone.

What, on the spot, reinforce the idea of ​​a double standard. 

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"We are the turkeys of the farce", annoys on Europe 1 a cafeteria-restaurateur from the Old Port.

"Me, I really thought that if they did not close in Paris, we would be told: 'The numbers go down in Marseille, you reopen on Monday'. It's still big nonsense."

And to wonder: "Why us and not the others?"

"We feel like the guinea pigs of France", denounces another, for whom "Marseille becomes a laboratory".

First, "we see what is happening in Marseille, we see if the numbers are going down, we close Marseille, and then we decide on the territory the measures to be taken and that bothers us a lot". 

"Olivier Véran is stubborn"

And in the Southern Region, President Renaud Muselier is keeping the pressure on.

He must also hold a videoconference on Friday morning with the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, whom he does not spare.

"Mr. Véran is stubborn. I think he got a little carried away, that he got his feet in the carpet. And as he does not want to back down, he is stubborn," said the former secretary of Jacques Chirac's State.

According to him, it is "a political fault, an economic fault, a medical fault and public health".

"There will again be an explanation of the text, we will not let go," promises Renaud Muselier.

"We have our criteria below the alert threshold. As we were the good students, we do not have to be punished."


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And in the city, professionals continue to rally against the restrictions.

Cafeteria-restaurateurs must therefore demonstrate at lunchtime in front of the prefecture, with pots and pans.