Wallu Valpio's appearance on the MTV channel You Are What You Eat shook TV viewers in January.

In the program, the media person told about his rather special lifestyle, of which cider is an integral part.

In the program, Valpio said that his day starts every morning with cider and tobacco.

- During the day you should drink three to four ciders.

I don’t have an alcohol problem, but there has to be something nice in life, Valpio explained in the episode.

The food was hardly eaten by the TV star at all.

The “Rock Star Diet” has meant to Valpi that French people, HK's Blue and ketchup, are involved in the convenience store.

The man lived practically with cider, which consumed more than 30 pots in one week.

- I get a daily dose of sugar from cider and a daily dose of salt from chips.

I have not eaten vegetables or fruits and I will never eat.

I don’t eat fish, and I’ll never eat fish, Valpio shouted at the program.

Valpio's lifestyles also come to the fore in his biography, where, for example, his sister Jenni says that he does not believe his brother will live very long in his lifestyle.

In her book Wallu Valpio - My Way, written by Mika Lätti, her sister recalls that for the first time in her life, her brother tasted basil and avocado during the filming of the program.

- Half a pizza once every three days and those sausage plates seemed enough.

Even his parents are already used to Wallu’s lifestyles, and they hardly even try to interfere with them today.

They have clearly begun to be bothered by their parents now if I am left alone after they die.

Walluhan is certainly not very long-lived with these lifestyles, Jenni Valpio says in the book.

Wallu Valpio tells Ilta-Sanomat that he took him seriously when doctor Pippa Laukka ripped him out of a bad lifestyle.

- In the morning I pulled a 10 mile treadmill run and then an hour and a half pounds.

Thanks but Pippa Laukka!

Valpio says.

- Pippa brought the old monster to life.

There is always the impression of going back to the old after weight loss programs, but I started a new gear.

Doctor Pippa Laukka puts people's lifestyles to renovation in the What You Eat program. Image: MTV

In the program, the lifestyles of the participants are literally brought to the table.

Wallu Valpio's episode revealed the amount of cider in the man's drink. Photo: MTV

In the program, Pippa Laukka stated that Valpio's liver values ​​are elevated and his heart will give up if there is no change in lifestyle.

Valpio tells IS that he understood that it was time to make big changes in life.

- It's almost 50 years on the meter, so you have to start doing something.

Many people say that I am a walking miracle, when I did not eat anything and drink some cider every day.

Suppose the kidneys, liver and lungs are in poor condition, but doctors have said there is nothing wrong with me, Valpio says.

He doesn’t give up on cider, but fitness has now become part of everyday life.

- My favorite hobby is cider liping.

It's a daily habit.

I like that there are certain rhythms of the day.

I wake up at a certain time, read the afternoon newspapers and drink cider.

Then the working day begins, Valpio says.

Wallu Valpio was filmed in a picnic mood at Ilta-Sanomat in 2005.Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

“Cider dressing is my favorite hobby.

I will not give it up, says Wallu Valpio. Photo: Pete Aarre-Ahtio / IS

He wonders why his alcohol use arouses so much interest in people.

- The reputation of an alcoholic is an interesting thing.

A few ciders a day is the same as taking a couple glasses of wine.

If I drank wine, then hardly anyone would say anything, Valpio sneezes.