The Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan's third largest stock market in the world, has suffered an unprecedented situation in which trading of all stocks was suspended throughout the day due to a system failure.

This is the first time that trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been suspended all day, and the exchange has announced that a system failure has occurred and will cease trading in all stocks.

Japanese media reported that trading of all stocks was stopped from the time of trading commencement at 9 am, as system failures prevented the distribution of market price information from before the opening of the stock market this morning (1st).

As one of the world's major stock markets, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which lists nearly 3,700 stocks, has been suspended all day due to a system failure. It is considered very unusual.

Due to the suspension of trading today, the Nikkei Stock Average and Tokyo Securities Index, the major indexes of the Tokyo Stock Market, are not being calculated normally.

Regarding this incident, Japanese Minister Kato Katsunobu said, "We are very sorry that the inability to trade on the exchange, which is an important infrastructure of the market, limits trading opportunities for investors."

The Tokyo Stock Exchange said it is in a hurry to recover, but it is not known when trading will resume.