The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced that the number of army soldiers who committed suicide during the year 2019 reached 498 soldiers.

The Pentagon's annual suicide report indicated that 344 suicides in 2019 were active soldiers, up from the previous year in which the number of suicides reached 326, and from 2017, when their number reached 287.

The military report pointed out that the number of suicide reserve soldiers and the National Guard reached 154, and it also indicated that 142 of the suicide serving soldiers were serving in the Ground Forces, 83 in the Air Force, 72 with the Navy, and 47 in the Marine Corps.

The Pentagon report stated that the number of reservists who committed suicide in 2019 decreased to 65 compared to 81 in 2018, and 93 in 2017.

He also indicated that the number of National Guard suicides decreased in 2019 to 89 compared to 136 in 2018, and 133 in 2017.