As storm Alex approached, five departments in western France were placed on orange alert by Météo France.

These are Loire-Atlantique (strong winds) and the Breton departments of Côtes-d'Armor, Morbihan (strong winds and rain-flooding), Finistère (rain-flooding) and Ille-et- Vilaine (strong winds).

Five western departments were placed on Thursday in orange vigilance, with the approach of the storm Alex expected in the middle of next night, Météo France announced Thursday in its morning bulletin.

The alert concerns Loire-Atlantique, placed on orange alert for strong winds, as well as the Breton departments of Côtes-d'Armor and Morbihan (strong winds and rain-flooding), Finistère (rain-flooding) and 'Ille-et-Vilaine (strong winds).

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A depression, which was on Thursday morning off the Breton coast, "will widen considerably during the day to become a strong storm", baptized Alex, "when it landed in Brittany in the middle of the next night", explains Météo -France.

Gusts "of the order of 100 to 120 km / h in the interior, and 120 to 140 km / h on the coast, or even more on exposed capes" are expected in the departments placed in orange vigilance.

"Strong accumulations of rain in Brittany"

The rainy episode associated with the passage of this storm "will give strong accumulations of rain in Brittany, of the order of 40 to 60 mm in a fairly generalized way, and locally 80 mm", notes Météo-France.

A first disturbance circulated over Brittany overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, "giving 15 to 25 mm of rain in a generalized way over the north-western quarter of the country", reports Météo-France.

The organization has also placed the departments of the Atlantic coast in yellow vigilance "waves-submersion", because of strong waves expected on the coast.