Comment now|Reunion again, remember why the mountains and rivers are safe

  From the Yellow Crane Tower to the Huangpu River, from Hanzheng Street to Chang'an Street, from Tiananmen to Shikumen, night falls, the lights are brightly lit, the mountains and rivers are unharmed.

  Walking out of the door of home and community, from the city and village where everyone belongs, and from the nervousness at the beginning of the epidemic, we are back in the stream of life with lush vegetation.

  At this moment, some people are on their way home, some are still planning their first journey after the epidemic, and some are already enjoying the warmth of staying with their loved ones.

Reunion is the obsession of the Chinese. For many families, it is a reunion that has been interrupted for more than half a year.

At the other end of the story, around New Year's Eve, the epidemic will suddenly change the rhythm of the New Year.

In more than half a year, how many things have happened around me, China and the world.

  On the eve of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, the people's hero Zhang Dingyu, volunteer Hua Yuchen and others participated in the "Flash Mob" in Wuhan and sang "My Motherland" to bring people's vision back to this heroic city. Countless netizens have mixed feelings.

The Chinese cherish the beauty of ordinary life, discover the truth in the trivial, search for eternity in daily life, and experience great joy when getting along with their families.

When the music plays and the familiar city reappears, everyone realizes that a smooth and peaceful life is not easy to come by. This is hardship and hardship.

  At this moment, we also want to tell this heroic city and all the people who sacrificed for this country for this country: My country and my people are safe and sound.

  But we will not forget, why is life as usual?

Why are mountains and rivers safe?

The code for restoring a happy life is buried in the war against the epidemic, imprinted in the hearts of the people, and written in the course of history.

  We will never forget that at the critical moment, it was the supreme leader who made the key decision with political courage.

Clarify and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic and resolutely win the overall goal of the epidemic prevention and control war, carefully deploy the Wuhan defense war and the Hubei defense war, and formulate major strategic strategies according to the time and the situation... Every decision may be at risk. Either choice may be questioned, but facts have proven that it is precisely because of the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core that the epidemic can be effectively controlled, the situation can be improved, and the people can be protected.

  We will never forget that at the critical moment, it was the retrograde man who made the moving feat to come forward.

In the face of this sudden epidemic, from front-line medical staff to personnel involved in prevention and control in all aspects, from community workers, public security police auxiliary police to journalists and volunteers, from sanitation workers, courier brothers to production of epidemic prevention materials Workers...Countless rushing rivers converge into a magnificent ocean, releasing the majestic power of the people.

Facts have proved that the people are the creators of history and the people are true heroes.

  We will never forget that at this critical juncture, it is the great anti-epidemic spirit that keeps us standing and moving forward.

When one party is in trouble, all parties support; everyone participates and everyone is responsible; obeys command, calm and orderly; respects science, seeks the truth and is pragmatic; works in the same boat, one mind... The great practice of the fight against the epidemic once again proves the power of the excellent traditional Chinese culture Spiritual power is a powerful force that unites people's hearts and gathers people's strength.

  At this moment, there are still many people standing on all fronts, silently guarding the crowds.

We should send them a "Happy Holidays." In fact, the power and spirit to protect the lives of the people and the mountains and rivers has always been in the texture of the country, in the blood of the nation, by our side, forever and ever.

Mountains and rivers are passed on from generation to generation, and responsibilities must be passed on forever.

Each generation will encounter unique challenges, and only by facing up to difficulties can they live up to their trust.

  Looking back many years later, 2020 will be an unforgettable page in everyone's life.

You may remember masks, health codes, and you will also miss those days when you stay at home for meetings, take online classes, etc... aren't these just ongoing history?

In the face of distress issues facing all mankind, it is China that has shown its responsibility and taken responsible actions; in the global fight against the epidemic, it is China that actively contributes its wisdom, plans, and strength.

This period of history will merge into the history we have learned from the books. The history is accumulated layer by layer, and it is the vast mountains and rivers, which is the common destiny of mankind.

  Friends, please look around. At this moment, the ubiquitous fireworks are like medals awarded to the Chinese people.

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day may be united by accident, but it is always inevitable that the family, the country, and the world will be together.

  The bright moon is in the sky, and the mountains and rivers are unharmed; at this time, the dream of home and country has come true.

  Commentator Dongping