The warm autumn continues in Finland, the weather service Foreca predicts a month ahead.

Foreca believes in its traditional monthly forecast that October will be “warmer than average for the season”.

And the season is, if it has been happily forgotten by Finns, autumn, even though the last weekend of September was spent in the summer heat.

And no longer even September, but October, which has a much worse reputation, which means that immediately after next month is December.

October is worth enjoying at a young age, as early as the first weekend.

After that, Foreca predicts that the weather will become rainier, at least in the part of the kingdom where the most enjoyable people live.

The north remains rainy.

This week has been a watershed in terms of weather, which is a figurative expression and is not related to rainfall.

Europe was divided in two: in western Europe it is colder than usual for the season, while behind the former so-called Iron Curtain and in Fennoscandia it is warmer than usual.

Fennoscandia also includes Finland.

Without Finland, we would be talking about Scandinavia.

According to Foreca Meteorologist Joanne Rinte, this week the average temperature in Finland is up to 3–5 degrees above the average.

However, it is no longer enough for the new late autumn heat records, which were made last weekend for as many as two consecutive days, especially in Satakunta and Southwest Finland, culminating in Kokemäki's 23.5 degrees.

October is worth enjoying at a young age, already on the first weekend. Photo: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

Rinne believes that in southern and southwestern Finland it will reach another 17 degrees when all the work needs are in place, ie the sun is shining because the clouds are not there.

“Locally” can be overcome, Rinne suggests.

Although everyday life has been gray lately, especially in the mornings, the approaching weekend will change the mood again to at least moderate summers.

At least in southern and central Finland.

In Foreca's monthly forecast, the slope also glows the weather of the outdoor meteorological phenomenon, which is best admired by sunny weather.

The sun makes the autumn glow, Rinne reminds.

Next week, a change will take place, as the “area of ​​heavy rainfall compared to the season” extends to the southernmost part of Finland.

In the north the rainfall continues, elsewhere rains spread from the southwest.

The average temperature for the week is still about two degrees above the seasonal average.

And when we look even further ahead, I think that Rinne in Finland is still widely, although still “a little” warmer than average.

These are the weeks starting on October 12th and 19th, when school autumn holidays begin to rotate in parts of the country.

In terms of rainfall, the weeks are fairly average or slightly rainier than usual.

The expressions “quite” and “slightly” refer to a certain inevitable slump in predictive power.

Slope acknowledges predictability in the traditional way towards the end of the declining monthly forecast.

This is the rule.