China News Agency, Paris, October 1 (Reporter Li Yang) On October 1, local time, there were more than 570,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in France.

French Health Minister Vilan said on the same day that the Paris epidemic has accelerated and the official may list Paris in the “strongest warning zone” of the epidemic next week.

On September 24, local time, in Marseille, France, a woman was tested for new coronary pneumonia.

  According to the epidemic data released that night, the number of new confirmed cases in France on the 1st was 13,970.

The total number of confirmed cases in France on the day exceeded 570,000, 577,505.

The cluster of infection cases under investigation is 1,234.

The positive rate of virus testing remained at 7.6% in the past week.

  Data show that there were 6,652 new coronary pneumonia hospitalized patients in France on the 1st, 62 more than the previous day; there are 1265 severe patients, 27 more than the previous day.

The number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in France rose to 32019, with 63 new deaths.

  French Minister of Health Vilan held a press conference that night to announce the current epidemic situation in France.

He specifically pointed out that the spread of the new crown virus in Paris is still accelerating, and the local epidemic situation is accelerating. At present, the three conditions that should be included in the "strongest warning zone" have been met.

  First, the infection rate of the new crown in Paris has exceeded the official maximum alert threshold of 250 infected persons per 100,000 people. Currently, there are 263 infected persons among 100,000 people in Paris. Secondly, among the elderly in Paris, the infection rate has exceeded every 10 people. The alert threshold of 100 infected persons out of 10,000 has reached 105 infected persons out of 100,000.

Third, the proportion of COVID-19 patients in the Paris intensive care unit has crossed the 30% warning line and has now risen to 35%.

  Vilan said that officials will decide whether to include Paris in the "strongest warning zone" for the epidemic in the next few days.

If the epidemic in Paris still shows no signs of improvement, the official "has no choice" and will consider including Paris as the "strongest warning zone" from next Monday (October 5).

  Vilan also stated that if Paris is included in the "strongest warning zone", there will be no "discrimination" with other cities that have been included in the "highest warning zone".

The southern French city of Marseille and other places were officially listed as the "strongest warning zone", and local restaurants and bars were required to close for at least 15 days.

Paris will also face the same restrictions.

  When talking about other major French cities, Villan said that the development of the epidemic in Lille, Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse and Saint-Etienne was “very worrying”, and the infection rate in these cities was rising rapidly. In addition, the outbreaks in Bordeaux, Nice and Marseille have improved, but the spread of the virus has remained at a high level. (Finish)