October 01, 2020Outlook, Microsoft's email service, is experiencing global malfunctions for the second time in a row.

The problems started at 8 on Thursday morning, with access difficulties and slowdowns affecting emails and some problems with the calendar and other functions.

According to the specialized site The Verge, all versions, desktop and mobile, are compromised.

The disservice was recognized by Microsoft, which in several tweets explained that it was aware of the situation and later provided updates until the last one, just before 1pm (Italian time), in which it stated that the service has resumed to work properly for most users.

Rollback has mitigated impact for the affected features in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams (SI # MO223247).

For impact to the Exchange service (SI # EX223208), majority of the users are seeing recovery and we're taking measures to ensure full recovery for all our users worldwide.

- Microsoft 365 Status (@ MSFT365Status) October 1, 2020

For Microsoft this is the second malfunction in a few days: earlier this week there were in fact problems, in addition to Outlook, also to Office 365, the professional suite, and Teams, the video chat platform.