A tiramisu consists mainly of mascarpone and boudoirs.


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There are only a few days left for gourmets to register for the Tiramisu World Cup, to be held in Treviso (Italy), from October 30 to November 1.

They will be 200 pastry chefs to compete in this competition, reports



Each of them will have to present two desserts.

The first must respect the classic tiramisu recipe and the second must be more original but also use the same base of boudoirs and mascarpone.

To decide on the best creation, the organizers are currently looking for 100 testers.

Registrations closed on October 4

It will then be up to these juries to decide between the pastry chefs and choose the best recipes.

Registrations end on October 4th.

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🎉 Vuoi diventare Giudice della Tiramisù World Cup 2020?

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1. Segui il nostro profilo 2. Commenta questo post scrivendo PERCHÈ vuoi diventare Giudice 3. Ti invieremo in Direct il link per accedere al test e al regolamento Giudici 4. Compila il test e dimostraci che hai le carte in regola per diventare Giudice ufficiale della TWC2020!

😋 5. In caso di esito affermativo ti contatteremo via e-mail Ps. Se hai seguito tutti gli step e non vedi l'ora di fare il test, clicca sul LINK IN BIO!

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🥄 Follow these simple steps!

1. Follow our profile 2. Comment of this post with the reason WHY you want to become a Judge 3. We will send you in Direct the link to access the test and the Jury Regulation 4. Fill in the questionnaire and show us that you have all it takes to become an official Judge in the TWC2020!

😋 5. In case of positive outcome we will contact you by e-mail Ps. If you followed all the steps and you are looking forward to doing the test, click on the LINK IN BIO!

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To try your luck, just go to the event's Instagram page.

Applicants must be of legal age and answer a short online questionnaire.

This has been studied to define, in particular, their knowledge of this dessert, relates the daily.


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