Iraq Reconstruction Assistance Signing Ceremony for Refinery Improvement by Japanese Companies October 2, 6:04

After the 2003 Iraq War, a signing ceremony for a refinery improvement project by a Japanese company, which is the largest Japanese company to support reconstruction in Iraq, was held in the capital Baghdad on the 1st, and the reconstruction of Iraq, which has been in turmoil, has continued. It is expected to be connected.

In this project, a new crude oil refining facility will be installed at the Basra refinery in southern Iraq to produce petroleum products such as gasoline and light oil. Japanese plant giant Nikki Global has received an order for about 400 billion yen, and many of them have received orders. It is expected to be covered by a yen loan, and will be the largest reconstruction assistance in Japan after the 2003 Iraq War.

Iraqi Petroleum Minister Ismail, who attended the signing ceremony of the contract between the local oil corporation and Nikki Global in Baghdad on the 1st, said, "It is a very important project for Iraq and will lead to the development of the oil industry. I showed my expectations.

Despite being one of the world's leading oil-producing countries, Iraq continues to be confused by the rise of the extremist organization IS = Islamic State, and is relying on imports for many petroleum products due to aging equipment. There are also great expectations for creation and human resource development.

Yu Yamazaki, president of JGC Global, said, "It's not the end of construction for the development of the Iraqi economy, but we want to do technology transfer and human resource development at the same time."