Paris (AFP)

Forgotten, the discotheques?

Gyms closed and expected restrictions even more severe?

Isabel Marant sees life in pink for a parade Thursday evening in Paris where anything goes.

Outdoors, like most "physical" fashion week parades in Paris, in a sumptuous setting at the foot of the columns of the Royal Palace, everything shines and sparkles, and pink is the flagship color of this ready-to-wear collection. -carry.

It is available in sports outfits of the actors who invest the podium, then run away.

Models also wear pink in all its shades, plain or in prints.

Crop top / pants or loose jacket / micro shorts sets and mini-dresses are sometimes worn with heeled sandals, sometimes with cowboy boots.

The looks with the abundance of sequins are festive and relaxed and instill the atmosphere of nightclub forgotten in six months of pandemic, or of cocktail bars threatened with closure due to the deterioration of the health situation.

But on the podium, we do acrobatics together and we dance in pairs, as if there was no more "distance".

For a handful of guests - the parades take place in small numbers with practically no foreign guests - blankets are planned because fashion week in Paris coincides with rainy week.

At Isabel Marant, the cover is not black, but silver and when unfolded is reminiscent of disco mirror balls.

Chloé, another bohemian Parisian brand, which presented its collection "A season of hope" on the esplanade of the Palais de Tokyo, also gave pride of place to pink in blouses, long dresses or knitted sweaters.

The collection designed by Natacha Ramsay Lévi explores a transformed reality in a staging that is both digital and physical, where emotions interact with their representations.

The images of looks filmed in the streets of Paris are projected on three screens before the start of the parade, the parade is then broadcast there while the models gather and discuss at the top of the stairs.

Even the American avant-garde Rick Owens, master of post-apocalyptic staging, slipped touches of pink "bubble-gum" in his pieces filmed in Venice for a presentation of the collection released Thursday.

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