The police are investigating a case of school bullying at the end of August at the Maunula co-educational school in Helsinki.

An eighth-grade boy was humiliated during a break in the school yard.

According to the victim, he was forced to kneel and threatened with killing if he did not obey.

The case was filmed and disseminated online through the Snapchat service.

The principal of Maunula Co-educational School confirms that one student has been the victim of bullying.

The principal has seen a video of the case.

- A case of bullying has been described on the school ladder, but it is difficult to find out from everyone involved.

The case is being investigated, says Maija Vanhanen, the principal of Maunula Co-educational School.

According to Vanhanen, at least seven students, including boys and girls, have participated in the bullying.

- There are students over and under 15, Vanhanen says.

Police have interrogated one boy over the age of 15 in connection with the incident.

Because of his age, he may be subject to criminal liability.

- He has been heard on suspicion of mild assault and illegal threats, says Marko Forss, Director of Investigation at the Youth Group of the Helsinki Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

The 15-year-old has reported incidental racist behavior that triggered the action.

- According to him, the plaintiff had shouted racist content.

As a result, a 15-year-old boy would have come to find out.

Investigator Marko Forss from the Helsinki Police Criminal Investigation Unit's youth group says that one boy over the age of 15 has been heard on suspicion of mild assault and illegal threats. Photo: Seppo Samuli / Lehtikuva

An 8th-grader in the position of plaintiff was reportedly forced to kneel at the risk of killing while other students followed.

There were at least seven other school students around the girls and boys.

According to the victim, he was also accessed by pushing.

Forss has seen a video of the situation.

- It's pretty short.

It is not clear whether the boy is threatened.

According to Forss, it is indisputable to justify the video that the plaintiff is kneeling.

Forss does not interpret why this is the case.

- The suspect has denied that he has threatened.

The victim boy has been told that if he did not obey, the bullies would jump on him and kill him.

Attempts have been made to reconcile the case at an event organized by the school and the police, but to no avail.

In some studies, mediation has been considered a bad way of dealing with school bullying cases if the victim is in a subordinate relationship with his or her bully, for example because of long-standing bullying.

- The police have no information on whether the bullying has continued for a long time, Forss says.

According to the principal, there is a conflict situation behind the case.

The victim's mother told Helsinki News that the boy had tried to return to school.

On both occasions, the school day is interrupted by bullying, that is, the shouting of some students.

The victim of bullying is now in homeschooling because the mother says the boy is being bullied at school.

The principal confirms that the student does not participate in the teaching work.

Suspects of bullying have attended school normally.

According to the principal, peace of mind at school is “very good”.

- We have a discussion about what is appropriate behavior.

Measures have been taken in a number of areas to resolve conflicts between young people.

There is zero tolerance for bullying, he says.

According to the mother of the bullied boy interviewed in Helsinki News, the school's measures have by no means been sufficient.