01 October 2020 "I think the structural alliance with the Democratic Party is the black death for us".

Thus Alessandro Di Battista (M5s), during an interview with Piazzapulita on La7.

From the 'pasionario' Di Battista very hard words that seem like a tear.

"I fear that today if all Italians should perceive that the M5s and the Democratic Party are more or less the same thing, then in the end they vote for the original", warns the former 5-star deputy.

"By doing so, I think we will go in a direction of weakening the M5s and maybe it will become a party like the Udeur, perhaps more good for the management of seats and careers", says Di Battista.

"That's not what I fought for," he snorts, labeling the structural alliance with the Democratic Party as "the black death", with a reference to Star Wars.

"Someone is afraid I will become a political leader"

"I am not one who wants to return to the opposition. I would like the Movement to always govern. some people, and I recognize for example Nicola Morra and others, who have always been against the political leader. Other people at this moment are pushing for collegial leadership because there is a danger that it could become me, this is the truth ".