Two officers have been sentenced to two years in prison by the court in Leeuwarden during an appeal for sexually assaulting a drunk woman.

This happened during a carnival night in 2012 while on duty in the back seat of a police car.

The two officers, Sander L. (47) and Bidjaykoemar D. (49), brought a drunken woman home during the 2012 carnival weekend in Raalte.

Instead of going directly to her grandmother's house, the agents would have taken her to a remote place in Wijhe.

There, both officers had sex with her.

The court in Zwolle sentenced the agents to 2.5 years in prison in 2015.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had also demanded this sentence during the appeal in Leeuwarden.

In the lower sentence, the court takes into account that the appeal took longer due to additional investigations.

The officers were also fired after the woman was reported.

According to the judge, the two officers thus felt the consequences of their action.

Tracking system

Both agents insist that they immediately brought the woman to her lodging address in Raalte.

However, according to the court, this explanation does not correspond with the data from the tracking system in their car.

It appears to have been made to a disco in Wijhe.

Semen from D. was also found on the woman's coat.

The court is of the opinion that after their shift, L. and D. forged a police report to conceal their act.

In addition, they are accused of abusing their authority as agents.

The two officers have not been convicted of rape, because the woman has stated that she did not resist.

When she was sober again, a day later, she reported it.

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