Coronary infections have been reported in mink farms in several countries.

In some fur farms, infected animals have had to be killed because of the corona.

So far, no coronary infections have been detected in animals in Finland.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare THL is concerned that the disease may spread to Finnish fur farms.

According to the authorities, due to the nature of the disease and the large number of animals in fur farms, every effort should be made to prevent the virus from ending up in fur farms.

The virus has been found to have spread to mink people.

The infection has spread through the mines through the mink as well.

Affected minks pose a risk of infection to humans.

The infection is suspected to have passed from mink to a shelter worker in individual cases in the Netherlands.

In Finland, the Finnish Food Safety Authority has instructed keepers of fur animals.

According to the instructions, animals should only be treated healthy.

If a keeper is assigned to quarantine, he may not treat fur animals during quarantine.