China News Service, Hangzhou, October 1st (Reporter Zhang Yuhuan) "Every holiday season, this sentence is suitable for us who have been wandering for decades. This small box of moon cakes brings us to the Moonlight Institute. All photos are the comfort of the hometown." Upon receiving mooncakes from the hometown of his motherland, the overseas Chinese Wang Xiancui couldn't hide his excitement.

  On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province and the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese Groups jointly launched the "Family Love in China, Zhejiang Province"-"The End of the World" Mid-Autumn Festival Comforting Overseas Chinese Activities. A total of nearly 200 overseas Chinese groups from Zhejiang Province responded to participate. More than 20,000 moon cake gift boxes and epidemic prevention love packages were distributed.

The leaders of the overseas Chinese delivered the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes to the overseas Chinese.

Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation 

  Thousands of miles to send love to the bright moon.

This "moon cake pass" was held in more than 20 cities in 12 countries including Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and Cambodia.

  Zhou Jianhuang, Executive Director of the China Aid Center in Milan, Italy, is responsible for the distribution of mooncakes at Milan Station. He introduced that Milan Station has prepared a total of 1,500 boxes of beautifully packaged Mid-Autumn Mooncakes.

“Originally, we planned to set up a spot to send mooncakes in Milan’s Chinese Street. Since the recent epidemic situation in Italy is still a bit severe, in order to prevent the gathering of people from causing cross-infection, the presidents of 22 overseas Chinese groups in Milan’s overseas Chinese community will personally relay the mooncakes In the hands of overseas Chinese as a festive greeting."

  "We also specially visited the old overseas Chinese living in Milan, their family members, old overseas Chinese and representatives who have contributed to the fight against the epidemic. I am deeply impressed. The 90-year-old Ms. Hu has lived in Milan, Italy. Ten years ago, when she was in a wheelchair taking over moon cakes from overseas Chinese leaders, she was so excited that she was about to cry." Zhou Jianhuang said.

Mid-Autumn Festival event to relieve overseas Chinese in France.

Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation 

  He also said that although the epidemic has prevented many people from traveling, the overseas Chinese around this year will still make good preparations for the Mid-Autumn Festival. For example, go to the mall to buy some local specialties with festival characteristics, buy some seafood, and burn some traditional hometowns. Food for the holidays.

  Chen Minqin, the president of the Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation in Florence, Italy, has also been on the way to distribute mooncakes for days.

"We are delivered door to door to everyone. In Florence, there are about 2,000 small workshops opened by overseas Chinese. Most of them are mom-and-pop shops and brother shops. This year the epidemic has a great impact on them. Many people even even face masks. Also reluctant to wear it. We also brought a box of masks to everyone during the delivery of moon cakes and asked everyone to take good care of them. Only when you are well, can you be healthy and make money in the future."

  In addition to overseas Chinese who work hard in a foreign country, overseas students are also the "key targets" of the hometown care of the motherland.

Mid-Autumn Festival event in Milan, Italy.

Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation

  "I have been studying in Italy for four years. This is the first time I have received moon cakes from my hometown. I feel even more about what you said before, "Where did the bright moon ever be the two towns?" Remember the moon in my hometown." said Cheng Kailiang, chairman of the Florence Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

  Cheng Kailiang said that this year, many Chinese students will eat together nearby due to the epidemic, and no longer hold large-scale dinner parties. “We will open a video to'cloud the Mid-Autumn Festival' together. I want to tell my parents that you must be careful at home. I can’t spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with you this year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival event in Holland station.

Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation

  "A lot of overseas Chinese told me after receiving the moon cakes that the weight of this gift is too heavy. It is not how high the value is, but at such a difficult time, they feel that someone cares about us and is our strong backing." Said Zhou Jianhong, president of the Barcelona Qingtian Association of Spain, who distributed moon cakes.

  "We are a group of people who have come to live, start a business, and study overseas with dreams, but we did not expect such a big change in the world this year. Many overseas Chinese who opened small factories and restaurants suddenly lost business, how many days have been Difficult. But behind this little moon cake is the worry of hometown-thinking of this, how can you say that we are so easily defeated?" Zhou Jianhong said.

  "Although we are far away from the overseas Chinese living overseas, our hearts are always together. During the epidemic, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese actively donated money and materials to their hometowns. Now our maidens also hope to bring them some small help. Looking forward to it. This festive reunion atmosphere can also be passed on to the overseas Chinese living in the country, injecting warmth and confidence into the people under the epidemic." The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation said.