UN representative worried about stalemate in South Sudan

UN Special Representative David Shearer speaks to former child soldiers during their release ceremony in Yambio, South Sudan, February 7, 2018. (Illustration) Stefanie Glinski / AFP

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On Tuesday, the representative of the UN Secretary-General in South Sudan, David Shearer, spoke at length about the advances and failures of the peace process.

He made no secret of his irritation with all sides, saying the accumulated delays threatened the peace reached in 2018.


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From our regional correspondent, 

Sébastien Németh

The UN does not hide its annoyance at the stagnation of the situation in

South Sudan


In admittedly diplomatic remarks, David Shearer's annoyance and concern were noticeable.

The UN chief in South Sudan has also described

the 2018 peace agreement as




He listed a

series of dangerous delays

for stability: National Assembly not yet constituted, necessary laws not yet adopted or even the preparation of the new Constitution which is at a standstill.

While a crucial election is scheduled for 2022, David Shearer said he feared that " 

the delays will push the ballot back well beyond


All parties must make efforts,

 " he said, criticizing the government for meeting too irregularly.

The role of the state is simple


The diplomat also dwelled on finances.

Last week, the UN Human Rights Commission accused high-ranking politicians and bureaucrats of embezzling tens of millions of dollars.


The role of the state is simple.

Count the money that comes in and then count the money that goes out.

Every citizen has the right to know what the country earns and spends on their behalf,

 ”said David Shearer, revealing in the process that the government had not released a statement of its spending for three years.

The African Union and the UN seized of the case

On the security side, the UN representative blamed the national army

for preventing

peacekeepers from reaching communities in difficulty

for several weeks


There is no mutual respect coming from the SSPDF,

 " said David Shearer.

The African Union and the Security Council were also seized of the matter.

A reason for hope has nevertheless arrived on the government side.

He announced that in early October, negotiations should begin in Rome between power and rebel groups not signatories to the peace agreement.


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