Jaajo Linnonmaa, who broadcasts the morning milking program, told Radio Suomipop live this morning that he and Tuukka Ritokoski had been exposed to the coronavirus during their work gig the previous week.

They received a message from a person who was at the same gig on Sunday stating that they had contracted coronary heart disease.

Linnonmaa and Ritokoski went to the corona test right on Monday.

Linnonmaa has already received a negative result, but Ritokoski is still waiting for information about a possible infection at home.

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There was a lot of discussion about the Korona exposure of the morning milk.

In the comment chain, IS readers consider, among other things, whether a negative test result overrides the 14-day quarantine.

- After being exposed to a coronavirus, shouldn't it have been in voluntary quarantine for 2 weeks despite a negative test result?

I wonder if I have misinterpreted the miscellaneous corona guidelines, one of the readers asked.

According to THL's instructions, a negative test result is not a ground for quarantine if the person has been exposed to a confirmed corona case or has traveled to a country from which the returnee is required to perform voluntary quarantine.

According to THL, a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of infection or germination after taking the test.

However, Linnonmaa and Ritokoski acted according to the instructions after going to the corona test as soon as they heard about the exposure.

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