Lee Do-hoon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Bargaining Headquarters, admitted that on the way back from his business trip to Washington, a good foundation for the declaration of the end of the war was laid.

However, UN North Korean Ambassador Kim Seong responded coldly to the SBS report team, saying "There is nothing to evaluate" about the declaration of the end of the war.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung reports from Washington.

<Reporter> Lee Do-

hoon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Bargaining Headquarters, who completed a two-night and three-day business trip to Washington, said that a better foundation for the declaration of an end to the Korean Peninsula has been laid.

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including vegan Deputy Secretary of State meant to meet throughout the US government personnel involved in the Korean Peninsula and a substantial dialogue I explained that I did it.

They said they are preparing various things for the so-called'Oktober Surprise' that talks between the US and the United States may resume before the US presidential election in November.

But the problem is North Korea's reaction.

North Korean ambassador to the United Nations Kim Seong said he had no appreciation for the end of the war proposed by President Moon Jae-in.

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Ambassador Kim Seong said that he could not sell the dignity he had preserved like his life, but in the end, how to get North Korea to become a forum for dialogue is the biggest issue.