Due to the health crisis, women are forced to wear a mask during childbirth.

A "scandalous" obstacle denounces Anne Roy, midwife and author of the "Sage meuf" podcast, produced by Europe 1 studio, in which she lifts the veil on the many taboos of motherhood. 


"Suffering", "traumatic" event, "scandalous" practice.

More and more voices are being raised to denounce the obligation for women to wear a mask when giving birth.

A breathless birth, where the air is no longer of any help.

For Anna Roy, midwife in Paris and author of the podcast "Sage meuf", produced by Europe 1 Studio, avoiding this ordeal is however simple: it would suffice to equip midwives with FFP2 masks.

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Wednesday, September 30

"Five midwives on leave, it's a disaster for maternity"

"I find it scandalous that we mask women. And what is even more scandalous is that midwives do not have anything to protect themselves during childbirth with FFP2 masks. That we are protected would allow to unmask women, ”she explains on Wednesday morning on Europe 1. Not knowing the serological status of the women giving birth and lacking adequate masks, the staff carried out masked deliveries have become the norm.

"If we have five midwives on leave, it's a disaster for maternity", points out Anna Roy.

Discover "Sage-Meuf", the podcast that breaks taboos on motherhood

The birth of a child is a blast.

Couple life, mental load, sexuality ... Everything is turned upside down.

In "Sage-Meuf", Anna Roy, midwife and columnist at the Maison des Maternelles on France 4, gives a voice to parents and breaks taboos around motherhood.

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A hot topical question at the heart of the subject of "Sage meuf", a program which aims, says its author, to "break the many taboos of motherhood".

"It is the most beautiful event of life, yes. But it also makes us not feel entitled to say that childbirth is difficult, that the job is complicated because we no longer sleep. at night, or that resuming sexuality as before is not easy, "she says.

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