China News Service, September 30. According to the US "World Journal" report, Barrett, the candidate for justice nominated by US President Trump, met with Republicans on Capitol Hill on the 29th local time. Many Democratic senators "nominated On the grounds that the procedure is illegal,” he stated that he refused to meet with Barrett before the appointment hearing.

On September 26, local time, US President Trump announced at the White House that he nominated Amy Koney Barrett to serve as the Supreme Court justice.

The picture shows Barrett in the Rose Garden of the White House that day.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

  Barrett met with US Vice President Pence, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham on Capitol Hill on the 29th.

  Pence said that Barrett has wisdom and a judicial belief to uphold the Constitution.

He said: "We call on our fellow Democrats in the Senate to find opportunities to meet with Barrett, and we hope that there will be a hearing that the American people hope for and respect each other."

  However, several Democratic federal senators, including Senate Minority Leader Schumer, pointed out that Barrett's nomination process was "illegal."

  In addition, Schumer issued a statement on the 27th, stating that Barrett has publicly expressed support for the overthrow of the "Obamacare Act", "so I will not meet with her."

  According to the report, the speed of the U.S. Senate’s appointment of justices is “unseen before”, showing that the Republican Party intends to fill the seats vacated after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg before the election day to ensure that conservatives can stay at six More than three votes are in the majority.