The Awamiya area of ​​Luxor in southern Egypt witnessed violent clashes tonight between security forces and demonstrators angry at the killing of a village youth by the security forces.

According to local sources and activists, special police forces killed Awais Al-Rawi during the raids that took place at dawn on Wednesday, when he expressed his objection to the police arresting his brother.

The sources added that the officer shot the narrator in the head and killed him, after which the village turned into a military barracks, where large numbers of troops and armored vehicles arrived in an attempt to counter the anger of the people.

Young # Aasy_alraoa martyr village # Awwamiyya in # Luxor

killed by a

criminal injustice police officer in

front of

his father in his house ,

because he replied slap the

officer who slapped his father in

front of the

gangs that launched # Sisi to understand the function of the

police and the

meaning of

security . They

turned to humiliate the

people to perpetuate the

tyranny and corruption

adequacy # Msr_tantvd # Arhal_aassese pic

- Osama Rushdi (@OsamaRushdi) September 30, 2020

After killing the martyr #Uwais_al-narrator in Awamiya # Luxor, the police forces opened fire and tear gas canisters at the funeral and the mourners, for whoever does not know the sanctity of the neighborhood will not stop at the sanctity of the dead!

# Collect it_fore_the other must be high level par excellence.

- Dr.

Mohamed Al Soghair (@drassagheer) September 30, 2020


Awamiya chanting at the funeral of the martyr Aweys Abu Al-Rawi # Sisi_the enemy of God and tear gas bombs reach homes # Moataz_matar

- Moataz Matar (@moatazmatar) September 30, 2020

These events come after a full week of demonstrations in several regions of Egypt in protest against the deterioration of the standard of living and against a law that requires citizens to pay heavy fines to avoid demolishing their homes on the grounds that they violate building requirements, and the protesters demanded the departure of the current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi from power.

The demonstrations took place at the invitation of the actor Mohamed Ali, who owned a contracting company working with the army, before he left Egypt and began to uncover incidents of corruption and waste of public money in which Sisi and a number of army commanders were involved.