China News Service, Lanzhou, September 30 (Xie Mingxuan, Liu Jie) The 2020 "Mother Smile Action" recently entered Gansu, and 104 children with cleft lip and palate received free repair surgery.

At present, medical volunteers from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places are successively performing operations on these 104 patients.

  This event was co-sponsored by the China Women's Development Foundation and the China Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation, and was supported by the Xiangjiang Social Relief Foundation and Best Charity.

  In July of this year, the Gansu Provincial Women's Federation and the Provincial Health Commission conducted a survey of existing patients with cleft lip and palate through visits, telephone calls, and online consultation.

A total of 535 patients were found this time, and the number of patients in Linxia, ​​Longnan and Pingliang ranked the top three.

  According to Dr. Han Kai, the initiator of the "Mother Smile Action", in general, one child with cleft lip and palate is among 650 newborns.

This is caused by the embryo. There are many factors that cause the disease, such as genetics, virus infections in pregnant women, and irregular life.

The best treatment age for children is that unilateral cleft lip is more than 3 months, bilateral cleft lip is more than 8 months, cleft palate surgery is more than 14 months, and the best operation period is before 3 years old.

The picture shows the doctor performing a preoperative examination for the child.

Photo by Yang Xiaojuan

  "Operation Mother Smile" helped many children with cleft lip and palate change their lives and return to normal life.

Through these 30 years of hard work, "Mother Smile Action" has gathered a team of highly professional and high-quality volunteers. Through superb medical skills, more than 34,000 children have been successfully operated on, helping many families avoid returning to poverty due to illness. Bring them peace and happiness.

  Zhen Yan, vice chairman of the Tenth All-China Women’s Federation and chairman of the China Women’s Development Foundation, said that the "Mother Smile Action" can carry out more in-depth activities with the joint support of women’s federations, disabled people’s federations, health committees and foundations at all levels. Children with cleft lip and palate will get rid of the haze as soon as possible, so that their families will show a happy smile.

  Over the years, with a strong sense of social responsibility and humanitarian spirit, the First Hospital of Lanzhou University has successively assisted in the execution of the "Mother Smile Operation" and performed free surgical operations on 393 children with cleft lip and palate, which interprets the University One with practical actions. The hospital's motto of "Benevolence and Virtue Pursuing Excellence" also embodies the benevolent spirit of "Mother Smile Action".

  Li Xun, the dean of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, said that the hospital will do its utmost to ensure the services of the fifth "Mother Smile Action" charity event, let the seeds of smile take root here, and let the "Mother Smile Action" "It is blooming and bearing fruit in Longyuan, bringing bright smiles to more children with cleft lip and palate.

  It is understood that after the event was launched a few days ago, 141 children underwent detailed preoperative examinations such as vital signs measurement, anesthesia consultation, plastic surgery consultation, and blood test in the Donggang campus of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University.

At present, the preoperative screening work has been completed. The 104 children will receive surgical treatment in batches according to the plan until they recover and are discharged.